Thursday, 13 February 2014

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Intraday Tips 

Good morning friends, Yesterday was a very ranged day for equity markets of India but in upside Nifty touched 6080 level and it’s very near to our first target of 6100 and we are expecting that today or tomorrow we may see Nifty to click our target.
This week Moon is transiting through Gemini and Gemini is aspect by Mars this time which is decrease the positive power of Moon with Jupiter, so because of this Nifty is not glooming in upside with power.
Well today’s date is “11” and destiny number is “11” and day number is “9” which indicates something fiery…….but this time many conjunctions are there in sky like Sun is going to transit into 11th house other side Mars joined Saturn with Rahu, these all conjunctions create difficulty for us to read and analyze accurately to get right direction of markets.

Nifty Tips 

From last week we are publishing that nifty is all set to hit 6100 level and from 5940 level where we started recommending buy call to till now when nifty is near 6060 level we are already in huge gains but still two positive sessions left (including today’s session).
If we look for numerological levels then 6110---6130 is a range where nifty will face some selling pressure. So in this rally we may see Nifty either near 6110 or 6130.
If you remember then remind that we had recommended Tata steel @ level of 359 and yesterday it made a high of 393 means near about 10% in only 3-4 sessions.
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Commodity Tips

Friends our given Crude oil, Natural gas and Chana call clicked their targets but our metal weakness forecast failed and stop loss clicked but no problem because our stop loss were small but loss is loss. Well Now when Gold is trading above $1285 and Silver above $20.20 ………………….If gold manage to stay above $1275 and Silver $20.20 then we can see gold to hit $1310----$1320 level and Silver $20.70--$21 level in next few weeks.
This time too much planetary events making hard to analyze trend so it would be safe to trade with low amount because this phase of events will get’s over very soon and again we will generate some quality forecast.
Natural gas alert ………….Below $4.60 level we may see another round of bears drama, so trade carefully our customers are short in natural gas and below $4.60 they will short more in baskets for target ******* ( locked for members only).

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Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy

Friday, 31 January 2014

Indian stock Market Astrology - Himanshu tiwari - 31st January 2014

Financial Astrology 

Good morning friends, Today is party time for all visitors and members of market prophecy because in single day we made both side fortune in equity & commodity. And this time we don’t need to explain because you all been a part of our words success.
stock tips
But as we all know it’s good to recall good memories and that’s why we are going to recall yesterday’s memories …

Commodity Tips 

-          In Nifty we had written that 6040 & 6020 were numerological support and advised you to buy Nifty near 6030—6025 with stop loss of 6020 ……………….Thing which you should give attention is stop loss was only 5 points and we had given that from this level Nifty will show a sudden spurt of 40—50 points and will give you opportunity to exit near 6060—6080 (  just go and check exact high of yesterday )
-          From last 5 days we have been writing that on 30th January Silver & Gold will show crash so sell sell………………and you all know what happen to metals yesterday evening.
Yes in evening we remember that how in just 5 minutes silver crashed over 1000 points and Gold over 250 points……………We hope you all enjoyed that fall and we also know that No one made this forecast in advance before 5 days except us.
Because this forecast is available in our book that on 30th January metals would be negative and our book published in December’13 which indicates that we made this forecast first.
Well today definitely our members will have partY and they should. But now let’s focus on today’s forecast-
Well for Indian markets we already published yesterday that Today is positive so No –need to short but for this positive day you have to take care one thing-
if nifty open positive then no problem it will try to hit 25-35 point upside but if however it’s fail to move in upward then again near 6040 buy because today’s closing would be at day’s high.
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 Stock Tips

 Which We Like –
share tips intraday
A positive break happened yesterday and today’s Target indicates 198---199 level.
Buy @ opening bell.  
Pharma stocks doing very well and this stock yesterday moves positive and out perform markets.
Today we would love to bet on it if move above 460 then buy for target 464---467.
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Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Intraday Tips For 21st January 2014


Financial Astrology: - 21st January 2013

Good morning friends, yesterday we have made forecast that first one hour trend would be whole day trend and if you have seen that markets moved in upper direction in first hour and there after it’s not moved below one hour low. This is the power of numbers & planets
Well today is 21st day of this month and destiny number is “11” with day number is “9” which indicates negative direction but Moon has entered into Virgo and this transit will give a small support for few hours so we can say on rise be careful.

Nifty dead line number is – 6355. To know more for commodity Tips buy or sell just make a call to subscribe our services on cheap prices.


Jackpot Nifty Tips

Yesterday we have seen some numerous moves in some stocks and we find some noise there so we advise you to you also keep your interest there-
 commodity tips
RELMEDIA – Above 54 we will see blast to remain up to 5%--10% or may be upper lock.
Our second stock is –
share tips
Saint- Gobain – Stock trading only @ BSE an today above 17.50 we will see blast up to 5%-10% or may be upper circuit of 20%.

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Om Namah Shivay
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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Jackpot call Inside: Financial Astrology - 15th January 2014

Financial Astrology :- 

Indian Stock Market Tips 15th January 2014

Good morning friends, yesterday Indian markets did very ranged and our forecast also made us upset but we will try to make fortune today and try to make some great ide’s and strategies to make money.
Today is 15th day of Jan with Wednesday so number “6”’ and “5” combination with destiny number “5” means Today bank nifty will show some speculative movement and Nifty may show some big moves today it self.
Well Today’s trend looks strong and with stop los 6220 (spot) you can carry your long positions in Nifty in next few days we may see very attractive levels.
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Jackpot intraday Tips:-

commodity tips
Above 66 Buy For Targets 69-----75. We See Something Big News Very Soon And Our Short Term Target Is 80—100+.
Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Intraday Stocks Tips – 14th January 2014

  Intraday Stocks Tips – 14th January 2014

Good morning friends. First of all wish you very happy Makar Sakranti 2014, and now Sun entered into Capricorn and in India this day consider as auspicious time and now people can able to do marriages and other euphoric celebrations.
Financial astrology
Well on this occasion we also decided to give you some Jackpot Intraday Tips which will give you bumper return on intraday.
Yesterday our Nifty bull cycle call did very well as Nifty moved near about 100 points and we hope you all enjoyed yesterday Nifty tips and our share tips like GATI, which clicked 10% upper circuit in row.
Well today is 14th Jan with number “5” and day Tuesday and destiny number 4 and matrix number “9” and today’s planetary situations also looks supportive.
Today we advise to buy Nifty in panic……………….if open gap down go and get some lots. You will see dramatic closing in Nifty today so go and get –
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Today’s Jackpot Share Tips :-

Yesterday we were bullish in GATI and you all seen how it’s flared to upper lock of 10% and from last two days we are recommending you GATI and consecutive locks we had seen.
Today which baby will do well……………………..????????????????????????
 Jackpot share tips
Current trading prices are near 47…………….Our target 52-----55 + very soon and something news between ONGC and DEEPIND going to pop up and this stock will run up to 60—70 in short term.
For Traders put a stop loss of 45 near and catch this stock in today’s session any block deal can put this stock up to upper lock or a sharp blast of 5-10-15% so keep your interest in this stock.

Commodity Tips

Go and get precious metals like GOLD/SILVER for next 48 hours and buy on every dips because in next 24 hours or 48 hours we will see a chunk of jump in prices. Reason we don’t know but astro charts looks tremendous.
Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy